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Round Courgettes


Oil on canvas

Framed size (W x H): 73.5cm x 93.75cm. 2’5” x 3’1” approx

Round Courgettes
More about this piece

I love the idea of round courgettes, they are such a charming shape and so prettily patterned.  As they are hard to find, every year I promise myself that I will try to grow some, but of course I never get around to it.  We have a lovely garden, but the immaculate lawn I long for tends to be taken over by a variety of wild garlic that is extraordinarily difficult to eradicate.  What’s worse, it doesn’t even make nice soup, so I can’t go and flog it for a profit at Borough Market.  There really is no upside, even though its white bell-like flowers look very pretty in the spring along with the white apple blossom.  But that’s the time when you have to harden your heart and rip it all out.  

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