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Rose-ringed Parakeets


Acrylic on hot-pressed 100% cotton watercolour paper
Unframed size (H x W): 14" x 10", 35.5cm x 25.5cm approx

Rose-ringed Parakeets
More about this piece

These noisy, gregarious birds are now very well established in London and morning and evening they hang around in the horse chestnut tree next door and other neighbouring trees, shouting to each other, flying from one tree to another, or zooming overhead in groups.  We are now perfectly accustomed to all this tropical noise in West London, and rather enjoy them.  You can shout at them and they shout back.  

I have used this image of my favourite garden visitors to create a cheerful greeting card on a bright yellow background, available from my Home Shop.  There is also a cushion cover on a warm orange background, not available from the Home Shop but if you'd like to buy one, feel free to contact me on 


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