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Oil on canvas

Framed size (W x H): 75cm x 75cm. 2’5” x 2’5” approx

More about this piece

More evidence of my weakness for pinks and greens.  I often buy bunches of radishes thinking how lovely they look, but then don’t honestly enjoy eating them very much.  Perhaps it’s the memory of them garnishing sad 1970’s salads of floppy, leathery lettuce leaves, cold, woolly tomatoes, chilly cucumber slices and, worst of all, salad cream: a terrible invention from the days before avocados had even been heard of in Surrey and olive oil was something you bought in the chemist to keep you regular.  Anyway... these radishes were very fresh and bright and came from that cornucopia of delights, the Whole Foods Market in Kensington High Street.  

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