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Onions and Garlic


Oil on canvas

Framed size (W x H): 64cm x 54.7cm. 2’1” x 1’9” approx

Onions and Garlic
More about this piece

Stuck for something to paint one day, this happened to be what I had in my vegetable bowl on the kitchen worktop.  We are so lucky to have Shepherds Bush Market nearby, as well as the wonderful ‘Bowl Man’ (always to the tune of Sam & Dave’s ‘Soul Man’ of course) whose stall about 100ft from our front door stocks a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs for just £1 a bowl, 50p a bunch - and so on.  The onions and garlic were from the market.  I bought a medium sized suitcase with wheels from the market for £16.00 more than 15 years ago that has been all over the place and is still going strong.  Why spend more, that’s what I say.  The falafel stall in the market is excellent, and there’s another little café that does fantastic batata harra, amongst other things.  The market is also one of the last bastions of the petticoat and the flannel nightie in London.   Yet it also boasts a trainer shop patronised by premiership footballers.   And a stall where you can buy plaster of paris  reproductions of the last supper, although in what as yet unforeseen set of circumstances you might need such a thing, I can’t imagine.  Weird but wonderful.  

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