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Oil on Canvas

Unframed size (H x W): 50cm x 50cm, 19.5" x 19.5"

More about this piece

I saw a small photo of these cherries in a Flemish language magazine, years ago, cut it out and kept it, and eventually I rediscovered it and got around to turning the idea into a painting.  This is the result.  I love the contrast between the high gloss of the cherries with their rich purples and pinks and the hazy greens and blues of the sun-dappled background foliage.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting these, including getting surprisingly messy spattering colours on with an old toothbrush.  This involved masking out other areas with sticky-backed plastic - it felt like Blue Peter all over again!  The painting found a home in a gorgeous house in East Anglia.  

If you would like to buy a fine art print of this work, framed or unframed, please click here