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Oil on canvas

Framed size (W x H): 64cm x 54.7cm. 2’1” x 1’9” approx

More about this piece

These are two apples from our own magnificent tree in our garden.  Every year without fail this lovely old tree delivers a vast crop of beautifully coloured, deliciously scented old fashioned apples called Beauty of Bath.  The ones at the top of the tree get the most sun and ripen to a glorious red, but they all have a delicate pink tint to the flesh immediately under the skin.  They crash to the ground the moment they ripen and they don’t keep at all well, so it’s best to eat them straight from the tree or make refreshing pale pinky-green juice with them.  They also cook well, holding their shape and colour and imparting a wonderful flavour to pies, crumbles - anything you like really.  They make you realise why apple scrumping was something worth doing, back in the days when apples actually tasted of something.  

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